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Logo Design

Logo or trademark is the visual identity of your Hotel or Resort . A logo is what makes your property recognizable. To design a logo, except for the name of your property, it is important for Arrivago’s creative team to know which category of hotel you are in.

Logo design is a form of art in its own right; hence the logo should display business in its best light. A designer must keep in mind the challenges of a hotel when creating the logo. Our team approaches logo design with the utmost professionalism – through communication with the client, researching their needs, and at the same time following the latest design trends.

The greatest emphasis is put on communication in the design process. Such approach maximizes the possibility for the end customers to be satisfied with the final product. The hospitality sector is formed on competition and little chances to be different. Customers tend to choose their lounging based on costs rather than other criteria. Controlling the top criteria that matter for them, such as availability and location is out of the question. Hotels need to generate as much income as they can from loyal clients and secure new ones.

For this reason, our experienced team of graphic designers specialized in the creation of digital image of companies or individuals pays special attention to turning your dreams into reality and improving their own skills by keeping pace with the world trends and design innovations.
There are plenty types of hotels that commit to a certain types of customers. At this point, the designer and the hotel must align their ideas. The hotel must be aware of the image it wants to display. The designer needs to understand that image.