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Hotel Social Media Marketing

A successful Hotel Social Media Strategy requires integration of the website, SEO, newsletters & social media. So they become dependent on each other, to generate high quality traffic. That converts website visitors into bookings.

From sharing crafted blog content and daily updates via social channels to using remarketing tools, to sell to your existing guests and website visitors, the advancements in social media advertising are adapting and growing day by day.Over the years, social media marketing for hotels has become one of our core services. The advancements surrounding social media advertising in particular Facebook and Instagram has increased the possibility of generating more revenue from your social media presence.

Our hotel social media services include:

– Social media management
– Content creation & posting
– Social media monitoring & listening
– Engaging with your community
– In-house training
– Running social media competitions
– Paid advertising
– Social Media Advertising for Hotels

Facebook & Instagram Advertising for Hotels

Facebook has the most sophisticated and advanced advertising platform. It has now added Instagram to its portfolio. Opening up even more opportunities. Facebook and Instagram ads allow you to create niche audiences based on demographics, birthdays, anniversaries and interests.